Who We Are

We understand that some of our members may already have an internet service. However, give us the opportunity to show you how your local cooperative can make Internet convenient and affordable at your home. Experience local customer service and installation and 24/7 monitoring that ensures ongoing quality of service that you expect and deserve.

CMEC Connect is a line-of-sight, wireless broadband solution that allows subscribers the convenience of an always-on Internet product with speeds comparable to DSL. We are offering many different speed packages. There is a one-time basic installation of equipment charge of $99. Basic installation consists of a single wired internet connection to computer or router with up to 150 ft of CAT5 cable included. The installation of mounting poles and trenching services, if needed, will be at an additional charge. Subscribers must sign a 24-month contract which begins on the date of installation.

CMEC Connect service covers approximately 90% of Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative’s service territory. It is a line-of-sight wireless broadband internet. Tree and terrain-challenged areas may not be able to receive a signal even though they fall within our service area. A technician will go to your location prepared to install the CMEC Connect equipment. If we are unable to receive a signal, there will be no charge to you.

Our goal is to bring a fast, reliable, and affordable Internet solution to our membership and to areas underserved by a reliable internet product.