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*Only available on Lake Land College, Mattoon Lake, Union Center, Sullivan, Neoga, Fairgrange, Ashmore, CMEC & Charleston towers. See Coverage Area for more information.

Call CMEC for larger option if needed.

There is a one-time basic installation of equipment charge of $99. Basic installation consists of a single wired internet connection to computer or router. Up to 150 ft of CAT5 cable is included. The installation of mounting poles and trenching services, if needed, will be at an additional charge.

Other Charges

  • Your first bill will have charges for the extra equipment purchased (router, extra cable, surge protector, etc.).
  • Your first bill will include a prorated charge for service for the partial month to which you entered into.




Recommend CMEC Connect to a friend or family member and get one month of free service! And, there’s no limit as to how many times you can take advantage of this promotion! Just signing up isn’t enough, though – the account has to go active. So, hurry up and start telling everyone about CMEC Connect. You’ll love it even more when it’s FREE!


Going back to school? Show us a valid college ID and the install fee will be waived.

New Member Discount

Are you a new member of Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative? If so, sign up for CMEC Connect service and your install fee will be waived.

Call our office today to see what dates these promotions will be available. 217-235-0341 or toll free at 888-661-2632


All CMEC Connect subscribers must sign a 24-month contract which begins on the date of installation. Click the link below to access the contract.