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Speed Test

To perform a speed test on your Internet connection, click here.

Here are some terms that can help you interpret your speed test:

  • Download speed: how fast your connection delivers content to your computer or local area network (LAN).
  • Upload speed: how fast content is delivered from your computer or LAN to others on the Internet. This measure is particularly important if you are using applications like VoIP and on-line gaming or if you are operating a server at your location.
  • Kbps: kilobits per second.
  • Mbps: megabits per second. One megabit per second equals 1 million bits per second. Mbps is the industry-standard used by Internet Service Providers.
  • Ping: a request sent to determine the connection latency (delay) between your computer and the network.


The first troubleshooting step is to make sure there is nothing blocking the path between the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) outside and the tower site from which they receive their signal.

Here are four Quick Troubleshooting Tips – try Internet after each step:

1. Unplug router from electrical outlet for 30 seconds and plug back in. (Try Internet)

2. Restart computer. (Try Internet)
Make sure to completely shut down the computer.

3. Unplug CPE power injector from electrical outlet for 30 seconds and plug back in. (Try Internet)    This is the white box that has two cables going in to it. It also has a property of Coles-Moultrie sticker on it.

4. Try to bypass your router by removing the cable from the back of the router from the internet port, and inserting it directly into the back of the computer. (Try Internet)
This is probably a blue wire that goes into the back of the router.

If you continue to experience problems, please call our office Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. We will gladly assist you in taking care of the problem. However, if it is after these hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Report Outage

We would like to apologize for any trouble you may be having with your CMEC Connect service. CMEC Connect is a line-of-sight product, so trees, terrain and anything that gets in the way of the signal can create issues with our internet product reaching you.

If you are still having trouble after completing all of the troubleshooting steps, please contact us Monday – Friday from 7:30 am-4:30 pm by calling 217-235-0341 or toll free 888-661-2632 or e-mailing us at