Outage Information

To report an outage, call Coles-Moultrie’s outage reporting number: 1-888-661-2632

You can also find outage information on our Facebook page or e-mail us at info@cmec.coop.

It is important that CMEC has a record of the telephone number at your outage location. If you would like to receive E-mail or automated voice notification when an outage has ended, please contact CMEC by phone and E-mail using the information above.

As a service to our members, CMEC provides 24-hour dispatch service to respond to trouble calls. Servicemen are on call nights, weekends and holidays in addition to regular office hours. You can call 217-235-0341 or 1-888-661-2632.

In the event of a widespread, extended outage, telephones will be staffed around the clock with additional personnel until all service has been restored. Consumers may have a hard time contacting our office during large outages. We appreciate your patience and understand the aggravation. Be ensured we are working around the clock to provide quality electric service.


  • Outage Map (coming soon!)