Understanding Your Bill

Bill Sections

Member Information – This will show your mailing address and phone number with area code. Please keep this up to date with us so we may contact you regarding your service.
kWh Usage History Bar Graph – This compares your current usage to one year ago. Note: This does not include Taxes, Area Lights, and some other charges.
Billing Dates – These are the dates your current usage is based on.
Account Number -This is your member account with CMEC
Meter Number – This is your meter number. You may have more than one.
Map Location – This is the map location the cooperative uses to identify your service point.
Rates – This is the current rate schedule you are on. You may have more than one.
Readings – This includes your present and past reading which is used to calculate how much kWh you have used during the billing period.
kWh Used – This is the difference between your present and previous reading.
Last Month’s Bill – Indicates any past due amount as well as current billing amount.
Charges – Service Availably Charge – This charge is to have the service available for use at your location ready to use when you need it. KWH Charge –This is the charge based on the number of Kilowatt Hours used during the billing period. This area may include other charges and information such as taxes, area lights, auto pay, budget billing, air ambulance and more.
Total Month’s Bill -This is the date the bill must be paid by. A bill paid after the due date is subject to a late fee.