Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What are the CMEC office hours?
A – CMEC is open from 7:30am – 4:30pm on weekdays, except for holidays.

Q – How is my power bill determined?
A – Every member is in a specific rate class that is determined by the size and type of service being supplied. Each month the meter is read and the previous month’s reading is subtracted from the current reading. This will show the total amount of usage for the month. The usage is then applied to the rate to determine the current month’s bill. Any previous unpaid amount is added, and the total is the amount that is due by the due date.

Q – Can my meter be tested for accuracy and does it cost me anything?
A – Traditionally, when a meter starts to have problems, it slows down instead of speeding up. If a member requests a test before the routine testing date, there will be a charge. This must be paid in advance. If a problem is found with the meter, the charge is refunded and the bill is adjusted. If the meter test determines the meter to be accurate, the member forfeits the $75. As of 2012, every CMEC member has a new meter installed for our AMI system. These meters can be read automatically from our office.

Q – If I request a safety demonstration, does it cost me anything?
A – We will make every effort to accommodate requests for safety demonstrations. Normally, we do not charge for safety demonstrations, but we may try to obtain additional sponsors to help absorb the costs associated with the safety demonstration program.

Q – Are the breakers below my meter my responsibility or the Cooperatives?
A – The breakers below the meter are the member’s property and responsibility (as well as the meter service itself). They are required in order to provide fire and rescue personnel (as well as linemen) a safe method to shut off electrical service when needed.

Q – What can I do to lower my power consumption?
A – We can help you lower your power consumption by providing information on the average electricity usage and costs of common household appliances. You can gain a better understanding of electricity usage and the associated costs by using the chart provided to determine what appliances may be consuming the most power in your home.

Q – What types of credit cards do you accept for payment?
A – We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Your credit card can be used in person at our office or over the phone. You can also have your account set up to automatically be paid each month with your credit card.

Q – How will you contact me?
A – We keep records of members’ phone numbers and E-mail addresses in order to inquire about billing or service issues. It is important that members keep their contact information up to date so that we can make contact when needed. Members can update their records by contacting our office or through SmartHub.

Q – What is the Service Availability Charge?
A – This charge is a separate line item on the bill and was previously bundled in the KWH Charge. CMEC unbundled this charge in July 2017 to improve transparency of costs on the members’ bills. The Service Availability Charge ensures that expectations for continuous power and outstanding service are met. It gives each of our 9500 members a fair and equal share of the cooperative’s operations. It provides funds that must be invested now to maintain the quality, reliability, and integrity of service that our members have traditionally counted on and come to expect.

Q – What is the Wholesale Power Adjustment (WPA)?
A – WPA is an adjustment mechanism that the distribution cooperatives can implement that periodically adds a charge or a credit for the difference between actual purchased power and cost in the base rate on the consumer’s bill. The consumer then pays what it cost the Cooperative to purchase power on its behalf.